The William Calomiris Company, LLC has its roots deeply entrenched in the history of its founder, William Calomiris (1920 – 2000). The properties that he brought to his company’s portfolio are maintained today in the same spirit he imbued in his company throughout his tenure as its founder and president. Mr.Calomiris was a native Washingtonian and a noted businessman and civic leader. The many community oriented activities to which he was dedicated were the foundation of a stellar reputation he enjoyed and conveyed to the manner and style he brought rental housing to his city.
His buildings vary in historical context and are scattered throughout some of Washington’s most desirable neighborhoods, each a stand-alone gem located proximate to transportation, shopping and vital city services. The buildings, accessible throughout this web site, are maintained on a level commensurate with its founder’s high standards of excellence in every aspect of ownership and management.

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